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  • What is BMX Racing?
    BMX Racing is a type of off-road bicycle racing that derived from motocross racing. BMX bicycle races are sprint races on purpose-built-off-road single lap racetracks. The track usually consists of a starting gate that fits 8 riders at a time, dirt racecourse made of various jumps, rollers, turns and a finish line.
  • What age and genders can participate in BMX Racing?
    Open to all ages and all genders.
  • How much does it cost to try BMX Racing?
    Free!! When you come out to either Raytown BMX or Blue Springs BMX, just make sure you wear a long sleeve shirt and pants.
  • What/Who is Carnage KCR?
    Carnage KCR is a youth non-profit BMX Racing Team based in KCMO.
  • Can I sign up to race BMX through my school?
    Currently you must sign up at the track as BMX racing is a sport offered outside of school.
  • How much does BMX Racing cost?
    You would have to purchase a USA BMX annual membership as it would grant you access to practice and race at any sanctioned track ($80), then each local practice and race event cost. Practices are ($6) and local races are ($12). Then eventually you'll want to purchase a helmet, gear and bike. This could range between ($450 - $750) for starter equipment but you won't have to worry about that cost right away as any track would have loaner equipment you could use for as long as needed. Also, here at Carnage KCR we're here to help with these expenses as well.
  • Who will I race?
    You would race against others that are your age and proficiency level.
  • Why should I try BMX?
    Competing in BMX builds confidence and teaches you how to reach your goals with training and perserverance. BMX also develops strong minds, bodies and helps you focus your energy on a healthy, positive and competitive sport.
  • Where are the BMX Tracks in Kansas City Missouri located?
    Raytown BMX- 12605 Frost Rd, Kansas City, MO 64138 Blue Springs BMX- 2715 NW Park Dr, Blue Springs, MO 64015
  • How much does it cost to join Carnage KCR?
    It is free to join the team, just reach out to us.
  • Is BMX Hard?
    BMX Racing will push you to work hard, become faster and build up your skills so you could compete at a high level in your age group.
  • Is BMX Racing a National Sport?
    Yes, there are plenty of traveling opportunities to race stiffer competition and different tracks around the world.
  • How could I contact Carnage KCR?
    You could call us at (913) 375-3230 or email us at Either of these work great.
  • How could I purchase Carnage KCR Merch?
    You could order any merch right on our website and well ship it to you. Or if you live in or around KCMO you could meet us at a race event. Follow us on all social media platforms (@carnagekcr) to stay up to date on when we'll have a merch table set up at any race event.
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