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Carnage KCR in Full Effect

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

It’s like an electric shock to your mental as well as physical being. Makes you wonder if you’ve prepared enough for this moment. Just maybe if you would have done one extra sprint last night or maybe if you pushed yourself past your quitting limits the other day during practice you would be more prepared for this moment. Sports will do that to you though. They’ll make you question your own ability. Have I gotten any faster over the past month? Well, they all say, “Just go out there and have fun.” While that does hold true, the burning desire I have in my heart to win, train and excel trumps having fun. I have to get faster. I just have to. That’s the only way to victory. There’s no time for lame excuses and there's no margin for error. My time is now and it’s time to put everything on the line. I reckon some might ask, “What’s this worth to me? Why do you try so hard?” I would look that person dead in the soul without blinking once. Gate after gate, rep after rep, crank after crank, the only thing that matters right now are results. Nobody is going to get me off my game today and if they try, I’ll make them pay for it. The preparations are set and it’s time to race. My plan is to leave the competition in the dust. Speaking of competition… Who am I racing? It doesn’t matter, they're all gonna feel my wrath anyway. I’ve never been the biggest person but, I am the strongest and fiercest so, stay out of my way, ya hear! The only thing coming in between victory, and I is me. 90% of BMX is mental and the other 10% is physical. I’m aware of that and I don’t care what you have to say, I’ve heard you say enough. I just need everyone to back off so I could focus on the task at hand. My heart is in it and I’m determined to win so that’s all I actually need. When I cross that finish line first, I won’t have anything left to prove to you. So, take a seat deary, you have front row seats to the main event.

The 2022 Missouri State Championship Final took place at Blue Springs BMX on August 21st, 2022, in beautiful Pink Hill Park in Blue Springs, MO. The weather was perfect for racing, not a threatening rain cloud in the sky. Courtesy of Blue Springs BMX as stated on their Facebook page, over 1,000 race entries were submitted over the weekend, and this racked in over 200 Motos (groups of racers in the same age bracket and proficiency level). In addition to that, it was also noted on the Blue Springs BMX Facebook page that spectator(s) won over $1,800 in 50/50 raffle ticket winnings, somebody won a Kuat bike rack, Kona Ice was in attendance serving families and riders and over 200 Missouri State Championship Final T-Shirts were sold in 1 day! Despite the high stakes, the team didn't seem a bit phased by this, and they were just amped up and ready to take the stage and race BMX. Everyone was just out to have fun, a concept that we all must hold dearly and preserve. Fun!

Blue Springs BMX, 2715 NW Park Dr, Blue Springs, MO 64015

Maya Pyle racing at the 2022 Missouri State Championship at Blue Springs BMX

The “G Man” strapped up his chin strap and prepared his body to take flight. He is very familiar with the layout of the Blue Springs BMX track. Today is where memories are made. “I’m going for that state plate today because I want it, MORE!”

Gavin Campbell earned State #1 for the 2022 MO State Series at Blue Springs BMX

The roar of the crowd only intensified his pedal strokes towards victory. Riders ready, watch the lights, Dun, Dun, Dun, and they’re off. Let the show begin.

Gavin Campbell

Mike with his very pronounced gate stance is no stranger to high stake races. He said, “this is my track, I already know it, so as far as I’m concerned, they have to come beat me.” I can ride this bike in my sleep, I’m ready to go, let’s go. As the gate drops and Mike transfers power to the cranks and powers down the straight. Just a few more inches until the first obstacle.

Mike Lucas earned State #2 for the 2022 MO State Series at Blue Springs BMX

At Blue Springs BMX the first obstacle is what you would call a step up. Step ups could come in all different types of variations, some steeper and bigger than others. The first obstacle at Blue Springs, the step up, is decently sized and has a flat middle and steep backside. Speaking of step up, Veda Jean has been doing a lot of that. She is getting the hang of BMX and snatching strider podiums by night.

Veda Meyer took 1st for the State Prerace Saturday at Blue Springs BMX

Veda trains with her brother, Fast Eddie, who is also stepping up in the ranks. Fast Eddie is only 5 but he often races older kids. He really is a natural at BMX and he currently has his sights set on winning ROC & Grands.

Go Pro equipped to Edwin Meyer

Let me give you some quick info on Grands, USA BMX Grand Nationals has been taking place in Tulsa OK for a long time and that holds true this year as well. Often titled “The Greatest Race on Earth,” you could find some of the most competitive racing there as riders from all over converge to reign supreme in their respective age groups and proficiency levels. I have faith that Fast Eddie can win it. What about you?

Edwin Meyer at the 2022 Missouri State Championship at Blue Springs BMX

Carnage KCR’s team captain Maya definitely has faith in Fast Eddie too as she continues to get faster and progress towards her own individual goals.

Maya Pyle earned State #3 for the 2022 MO State Series at Blue Springs BMX

Her cadence on that track has changed and she’s feeling more confident in races. Great job leading the team to many victories this weekend!

JB had some very solid laps around the track. Don’t mean to boost his ego very early on but, given his current win streak and the way he’s soaking up skills. The facts are present that he’s good.

JaBrielle Belgrave with the photo finish at Blue Springs BMX, notice he pedaled past the line. Well done JaBrielle!

JaBrielle's first big trophy was cracked by whose identity will remain unknown but, the team helped him repair the trophy as well as we could. The trophies have to be treated like glass but except that aren't, if that makes sense. It probably doesn't but, you get the point.

JaBrielle Belgrave

Lil G looked great this weekend. Fought hard every time he touched the track, bringing the crowd to their feet and creating some very close finishes. I caught up with Lil G, after the races were over and he said, “this weekend has been one to remember.”

Go Pro equipped to Georell Bullock

Georell Bullock earned State #1 for the 2022 MO State Series at Blue Springs BMX

Sophia Campbell

Sophia did lay her bike down this weekend, but she was able to get back up and ride it off. She will come back even stronger; she has the power of Carnage in her. Mark my words.

From left to right: Sophia, Georell & Elijah

Emersen Svoboda

Emmy felt comfortable on the track all weekend even after turning Intermediate just over a week ago. Her gates and first straight have been looking really good. Maybe she’s been watching other riders' gates and picking up cues. As I watched the Pro-Am at Blue Springs BMX over the 2022 Missouri State Championship Final weekend, I noticed Emmy was also paying close attention to all the racers. We're all so proud of you Emmy, keep up the good work.

From left to right: Daniel Warrior, Georell Bullock, Veda Meyer, Emersen Svoboda, Edwin Meyer

From left to right: Gavin Campbell, Sophia Campbell, Georell Bullock, Elijah Longknife, JaBrielle Belgrave, Maya Pyle

Ricky Bobby is constantly evolving and upping his game. A natural behind the handlebars and a straight up stud on the track. He is a fighter and a great teammate.

Elijah Longknife earned State #1 for the 2022 MO State Series at Blue Springs BMX

Carnage KCR and our sponsors: Kansas City Heroes, Pride Mechanical, Porchlight Realty, BestRefinishersKC, Georell Bullock - Shelter Insurance, ScottVSellsKC & The Know Joey? Foundation couldn't be happier with the outcome of the 2022 Missouri State Championship Final results. Everybody put up a great fight and handled themselves well. This is only the beginning. Thank you, Blue Springs BMX, for the great experience!

"State on 3!" Mike Lucas


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