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The Comeback Kid is Relentless

Riders Ready, Watch the Light, Da Da Dun, the gate falls as Caleb Kuritz stalks his prey, ready to pounce at any given moment. Mid crank Caleb finds his opening, takes it and trailblazes his way down the 2nd straight at Raytown BMX. Finding himself in 4th place now as a slight smirk spreads across his face. "Mom I got this, you just wait, wait, I hope I can do this" Pumping the limestone with every ounce of strength remaining in the reserves. "One last straight left. I have to find a way, I know dads waiting ahead." Rounding the very last bend Caleb notices he could possibly make a pass if he stays on the gas. Coming down to the wire as Caleb pedalpumps every single obstacle. Full throttle ahead, Caleb, blasts off into 3rd place passing his opponent and confirming a podium spot for the finish. He's not called the "Comeback Kid" for nothing so don't ever count him out because he is relentless!

"I'm upset about my gate Sunday but, other than that it was a solid weekend" Caleb Kuritz

June 3rd - 5th Raytown BMX was the talk of the town. Piggy backing off a great USA BMX MidAmerica Nationals at Raytown BMX in 2021, Raytown wanted to make this state weekend as exciting as possible and I believe they delivered. Rain stalked the horizon and eventually decided to join the party pushing the race time back but, that's about it. The promise that the track would be resilient to the rain was upheld. The limestone covered track genuinely held up well and did not feel loose at all. I would say that it has it's own unique feel which could differ from the feel of standard dirt but, like anything else you grow accustomed and adapt to it. The properties in the limestone come in clutch especially here in the Midwest where it could rain at any given time. The race schedule for the weekend was a single point Race for Life Friday, double point State Qualifier on Saturday and finally the triple point DK Gold Cup Qualifier, but wait that's not all, Sunday was also a Pro-Am Event with an earning pot of over $2300! Some of you may know what a Pro-Am is but, if you don't it is essentially a race were amateur's can duel pros in a race for money and bragging rights for a little while. The Pro-Am was open to any racer over the age of 14 that was fast and ready to duke it out with the best. Your 2017 Rookie Pro of the Year, Alec Bob showed up and accepted the challenge. Arguably his biggest challenger was Freaky Fast Austin Mckan, coming fresh off his Music City Carnage (for lack of better words). Austin got 1st all three days against fierce competition at the Music City Nationals in Nashville Tennessee just a few weeks ago. Everybody in the Pro-Am were extremely fast and skilled riders. I'm still waiting on the results to be posted to the Raytown BMX page but, the video will be below.

The atmosphere at Raytown BMX was perfect. Thank you Jim Reilly for announcing this weekend. A lot of new smiling faces and great sponsors giving time and money to support the sport of BMX Racing. Speaking of smiling faces, BMX Racing is such a family oriented sport. All of these events were free to spectate and the concessions were priced well with an assortment of food, snacks and drinks for any craving. Raytown BMX does live stream all of their races and the 600pt weekend was no exception to that so each round can be seen on their Facebook page. Shoutout to the Raytown BMX staff, vendors, sponsors and special shout out to Bryan Jones and the Majesty Racing team for the prompt assistance with bike maintenance.

Carnage KCR was in attendance and ready to do some slashing in the moto's. Mike Lucas per usual raked in a 1st on Saturday for a great State Qualifier finish. Maya Pyle was all smiles around the track, just having a good time. She made the main on Sunday and did well but fell short of a podium spot. Edwin Meyer rode hard all the way to the finish and scored himself a 2nd on Saturday for State. Ricky Bobby aka Elijah Longknife finished with an easy 1st on Saturday for State Qualifier and on Sunday for the DK Gold Cup Qualifier. Georell Lil G Bullock was saved by the grace of god in the 2nd straight and recovered from looping out but raced well overall and secured a 2nd on Saturday and 1st on Sunday. Emmy, Emersen Svoboda made a great move in the 3rd and final turn on Saturday at an attempt to get 2nd for the State Qualifier but got Drew Englered as the other rider accidently taped her rear tire and they both ended up crashing. She is doing well just has a bruised elbow from the crash. Finally, The Comeback Kid, Caleb Kuritz was on fire this weekend as he podiumed on Friday and Saturday with a 1st and a 3rd. Aside from the great podium finishes, Caleb's handwork and dedication is paying off as he is transforming into a solid rider.

Carnage KCR is so proud of our team... Onward!


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