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LONG way from Home (no pun intended)

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

1,2,3,4... I have to stay limber if I'm going to win today, this race means the world to me. I CAN'T LOSE! I'm going to make a name for myself around here, and I won't let anybody stop me! When I step onto that track all I want to hear is the roar of the bleachers chanting, "Carnage, Carnage!" I want to feel the adrenaline rush through my veins. I want to push myself to the limit and defy expectations...

Oh, don't stand over there looking so innocent. I know what your race tactics are... You like to line other racers in the moto up and make your moves in the turns, and when all else fails you'll resort to kamikaze-like tactics. You definitely have a little dirt on your fingers. I want to see you try to pull that on me. Go ahead, try it! I guarantee you… It won’t work! I've been studying your moves and I know what parts of the track your fast on, and what parts your slow on. Let's see who comes out on top. I refuse to lose, and I'm confident that with my skills, I can leave you in the dust. Good luck trying to keep up with me!

5,6... I'm honestly here just to have a good time and race clean. I just want to win my hardware and go home. But I can't get over the fact that everyone counts me out. From my competition, people at concessions, and the little kids at the playground that were laughing at me earlier... I'm going to show you all how fast I am. If you guys don't want me to be great, how about I just paint this whole city red. A red track would be cool.

7,8,9... I know I just need to calm down. I always let you bloody mannequins distract me from my mission, and that is to win this race. Let me just take a deep breath and practice some visualization. My coach says this sort of thing helps. Seems like a waste of time to me, but let's try it out. I can't remember exactly how she said to do this. I think I'm supposed to close my eyes and think happy thoughts. No, that's not right either. I'm supposed to consciously play out the race in my head. Well, that's easy, I'm going to cross the finish line first because I'm Carnage and I always win, but if I had to visualize it and go through the steps... I'm definitely getting that holeshot for starters. I'm nose tapping the table and doing a toboggan over the step down. When I come up on the last corner... This is when Sanders is going to try to take me out with his signature try hard move, attempting to merge with no space. When he tries to make his move, of course high-low him, but if he has a counter ready for that then I'll have to bring out my secret weapon. May the better man live, I mean win. 10... It's time to go racing now, let the show begin.

The 2023 Missouri State Championship Finals took place at the same location as last year, Blue Springs BMX on September 17th, 2023. Riders from all over the region gathered together eager to race. The track was dialed and smooth which that's nothing new for Blue Springs BMX. The volunteers do a great job with track upkeep and making sure the environment and fun is welcoming. As it should be. You really can't go wrong attending any event at Blue Springs BMX. It was really cool to see all of the different teams set up this year. We're all different in some kind of way but the goal is always the same... To help your camp win, it was the state final after all. Blue Springs BMX, thank you for a fun filled weekend of racing!

Photos captured by Chuck Williams Photography.

Before I talk more about the state finals, I want to reverse just a bit, back to the 2023 Mid America Nationals. Hosted by none other than Raytown BMX Track, in the middle of July, and boy was it a fun weekend. Tons of vendors were out there, lots of fast cats from all over the country, and just good vibes. If I had to sum up Raytown BMX and the Mid America Nationals in 1 word, it would have to be thrilling. From the really big starting hill where the riders start each race, to the unique finish on the track giving it that distinctive texture, to the huge pump track by the entry gate. And yes, I said pump track. There's a little something for everybody out at Raytown BMX Track, and the Mid America Nationals put the spotlight on them all.

Speaking of spotlight, Addison Lynn has been all in it. She put on a clinic at the Mid America Nationals, reeling in not 1, but 2, 1st place wins. That's a huge accomplishment for her! Not a lot of people can get that done at a national. It's so much easier said than done.

Photo captured by Chuck Williams Photography.

All smiles from Addison until it's time to race, and then you're in trouble and you get no smile.

Fast Forward, she moved up a proficiency and as expected things could get harder. I don't see Addison slowing down anytime soon. She earned herself a State #7 plate at the 2023 Missouri State Finals. Keep up the good work Addison!

Addison earned State #7 for the state of Missouri.

April Carroll has been on a conquest to achieve all of her goals this year. She has gotten comfortable on her bike at both tracks and she's moving with a purpose now. Her cadence has improved a ton and she's putting in the work to be the best version of herself this year, the speeds just a byproduct of that and those legs have been moving!! April earned herself a State #1 plate this season having raced all over Missouri and completing all of the required qualifiers. I would say the hard work has been paying off.

Photo captured by Chuck Williams Photography.

Now... The question is can she do it again next year... That's the makings of a true champion! We will definitely push her to keep trailblazing, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see what's to come. We can hardly wait.

Pictures of April at various places around Blue Springs BMX.

We had a chance to catch up and talk with Elijah "Goat" Longknife about his hiatus this race season. Having missed the qualifiers for a chance to defend his 2022 Missouri State #1 plate, Elijah had other things in mind by way of exploring the treasures in Montana. We don't know what city he was in or anything, but he was there. If you don't believe me, here is your proof

Elijah riding a horse and making it look easy.

Is that adequate proof... I mean the guy is literally riding a horse with a mountain side before him. If that doesn't count as proof, I don't know what else would. So, needless to say, Elijah Longknife was a LONG way from home for most of this season, but you could call Montana his second home.

Different sceneries from the Treasure State.

Being away from the team and BMX all summer was hard for Elijah though, especially coming off not only his 2022 State #1, but also his 2022 Grands #1, where he won the greatest race on Earth. The race where they award you a trophy that you literally can't haul home after you win it.

Elijah finished 1st at the 2022 Grand Nationals!

Although he was away from us this year, the whole team rallied behind his choice and wanted him to have the best experience ever, so we could ask a million questions when he made it back. Well, he is back, and we did have questions.

"How was the food in Montana?"

"Indian tacos was bussing (haha) but other than that the food normal. You have to eat what's cooked because there's no fast food at all unless you go an hour into town."

"What's it like to ride a horse?"

"When I ride horses it's a lot of fun almost like riding a bike but using different muscles. It's fun to ride in such an open field."

"Did you learn anything new about your culture?"

"I learned how to make a teepee and a hand drum. I learned a little bit of our native language, powwow ceremonies and native American games. It was worth going and learning about my culture and where I come from and seeing the wildlife. I was able to spend time with my sister and family I don't get to see as much. I also learned how to work on cars like changing oil and many other things."

And lastly, we asked him about the weather because the pictures looked awesome.

"How was the weather out there?"

"It was really warm during the day and cold at night especially in the mountains."

We're glad we were able to get some insight on how the trip went for him. He's been back in full stride for a few months now, and it's almost as if he never left. See for yourself.

Elijah sending the double going into turn 2 at Blue Springs BMX.

Having missed most of the 2023 Missouri state qualifiers, there was no way that Elijah could defend his 2022 state title. However, he raced the final and fought hard to secure a 2nd place win. Great job Elijah... maybe one day the whole team could take a trip to Montana and race.

Elijah with the 2nd place win at the 2023 Missouri State Final.

Various photos of Elijah Longknife.

Photo captured by Chuck Williams Photography.

"Be yourself, there's no one better." -Elijah Longknife

Bikes For The Likes Of Us, Kona Ice and On 2 Wheels BMX (just to name a few) were among the vendors at the 2023 Missouri state final. If you needed help with parts for your bike, to gourmet shaved flavored ice to quench your thirst, Blue Springs BMX had you covered. Ayden Sarratt came for all of that, and then some. He showed up and battled for a MO State #6 plate too!

Ayden battled for State #6 this year.

Ayden has been on fire this season He won 6 STRAIGHT local races before moving on to intermediate where he's been settling in nicely. Don't be surprised if you witness another win streak soon.

Ayden at 2023 Mid America Nationals.

Ayden Sarratt

Carnage KCR is more than just a team - we are a family of fierce athletes who share a passion for BMX racing. Our incredible season so far has been a testament to our dedication and hard work both on and off the track. Check out some of the latest photos of the team!

From top to bottom: Brayden Holt, JaBrielle Belgrave & Elijah Longknife, Brayden Holt, JaBrielle Belgrave, Gavin Campbell, Sokoni Hall, Georell Bullock, Georell Bullock, Gavin Campbell, Sokoni Hall, JaBrielle Belgrave & Elijah Longknife x2, Ayden Sarratt, Jaxson Lynn, Gavin Campbell, Elijah Longknife, JaBrielle Belgrave, Jaxson Lynn and Ayden Sarratt.

Sophia Campbell's passion and dedication to the sport are evident in her trailblazing performances. She earned 3rd place at the 2023 Mid America Nationals! That is a huge accomplishment!! She's been riding faster and more aggressive than ever before, posing a podium threat every race night. It's almost, as if, she can control her powers now. I mean, that would make sense given the name, SUPER SOPH!

Sophia with the win at the 2023 Mid America Nationals.

Sophia at Blue Springs BMX slayin.

Check out this cool clip of Maya Pyle at the 2023 Gold Cup Championship SC in Oklahoma at Hardesty National BMX Stadium. Hardesty is not an easy track to ride, and Maya handled it like a beast! Good job out there Maya, it takes a lot of courage to ride a track like that.

Maya at Hardesty National BMX Stadium for the 2023 Gold Cup Championship.

This may be Maya's last year racing so we will definitely miss her. If you see her out at the track, wish her the best luck on her next endeavors.

Jaxson Lynn has had an impressive season so far. He's still fairly new to BMX racing and he has already worked his way up to intermediate. Come to think of it... I don't believe Jaxson ever lost any novice races. Again, very impressive stuff.

Jaxson sitting next to the starting gate at Blue Springs BMX for the 2023 Missouri state final.

At the state finals Jaxson was racing in a much harder class, but he was holding his own. He was one of the fastest in the class with his "impressive" track speed and he even rode smooth and controlled. The competition was stiff, and he was outmaneuvered around the track and ended up falling short of a podium spot for the state final.

Jaxson shimmying through the pack at the 2023 Missouri state finals.

With all things considered, Jaxson had an ""impressive"" season, and he's continuing to get better day by day. He's determined to get state #1 next year. Make it happen Jaxson, we know you can do it!

If you were brave enough to make it to the bottom, you're in luck. Here's a blooper of Elijah at Raytown BMX, hurry up and view before he makes me delete it.


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