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Super Soph to the Rescue!

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

You're always so determined and ready to THROW DOWN, that's what they all say. I never truly understood why they said that about me. Often times I catch their gazes staring at me during my pre-race stretch. They look at me like I'm some sort of tamed beast ready to mangle. So disgraceful. At an attempt to make things better for myself, I held back and let them win a few races. I thought that maybe, just maybe, that would help me fit in. Well, that backfired because they took that and ran with it. Standing on the podium before me like they're all high and mighty. Well, you know what, I'm done! Guess I'll start taking this seriously.

Sophia Campbell aka "Super Soph" has been firing on all cylinders this season. Or should I say fully charged since everything is moving electric. Well, either way works, y'all get the point. She's been killing it and really ramping up the speed this year.

Sophia Campbell with the hard-earned hardware from the Music City Nationals in Nashville TN, 5/26/23 - 5/28/23.

She's been battling week in and week out, every week, working towards perfecting her craft so that she could be happy with the race results she gets. When I look at past videos of Sophia's riding from last season and compare it to this season... She has a lot to be proud of. I'm most impressed with her rider IQ, she's like a little surgeon out there on the track with the way she trailblazes her race lines. Don't believe me, just watch.

Sophia Campbell with the epic GoPro Race Footage.

"I'm ready for this" - Sophia Campbell

Photo of Sophia Campbell and her brother Gavin Campbell.

6/03/23 - 6/04/23, couldn't ask for a better weekend for racing, stage was set at Blue Springs BMX, for the USA BMX Gold Cup Championship series qualifier/state series qualifier. Blue Springs BMX, recognized as one of the best BMX facilities in the country, was the host. for the matchups. The track shimmered and glistened at every angle as the racers warmed up with practice laps. BMX families, friends and fans alike all flooded the gates excited to watch the competition that was soon to unfold.

Maya Pyle taking a cruise around Blue Springs BMX with the GoPro.

Photo captured by Dawie Burgers.

Behind the gate views.

The vendors in attendance served with smiles and the track staff operated effortlessly. It's crazy how BMX is such a family sport. After you walk through that gate, it's as if you have access to an abundance of unkin aunts and uncles, that are always willing to help.

Mike Lucas enjoying the weather.

Photo of Jaxson Lynn, captured by Chuck Williams Photography.

April Carroll on the podium excited about her race results.

The man they call Bullethead, Brayden Holt, always racing at top speed like a bullet.

Photo of Gavin Campbell, his plans are to defend his state champ title that he earned from the 2022 state championship series.

Maya Pyle and her beloved dad.

Thank you, Blue Springs BMX, for a great weekend of racing! Now check out some rad photos and videos below from your Carnage KCR team.

Addison Lynn and her cousin waving at the cam.

Mike Lucas with his unique and powerful gate form.

2022 footage of Georell Bullock at the State Championship series.

Gavin Campbell with the snap.

April Carroll with the GoPro footage.

Maya Pyle snapping her dad out the gate.

Georell Bullock with the GoPro footage.

Jaxson Lynn equipped with the GoPro and a full head of steam. Jaxson earned a pair of aces at the gold cup/state series weekend.

From top left to bottom right: Ayden Sarratt, Gavin Campbell & Sophia Campbell, Ayden Sarratt, Gavin Campbell and Maya Pyle, Brayden Holt, Sophia Campbell, Georell Bullock and Elijah Longknife, Maya Pyle, Gavin Campbell, Maya Pyle, Ayden Sarratt & Addison Lynn, Mike Lucas, Brayden Holt and more Mike Lucas.

Gavin Campbell making a funny face.

Gavin Campbell showing us how fast he is with the GoPro.

Whoever captured this amazing photo needs to be protected at all cost. Photo of Gavin Campbell ripping down the first straight.

Carnage rider and also Mike Lucas's grandson, Christopher Robles, cheering on his granddad and making sure everybody else does too.

Hot Lap from Ayden Sarratt.

Determination and passion are the driving forces that push us to our desired location. Believing is having the will to drive over to the gas station and get gas, and hard work is actually pumping it. While Sophia isn't old enough to drive yet, I know for a fact that she is driven. She is always eager to jump in and learn. Sophia sites, Nic Long, as one of her riding mentors and she often remembers the things he's taught her about BMX.

It's shaping up to be a special season for Sophia Campbell aka Super Soph, we couldn't be happier for her.

If you were brave enough to make it to the bottom, you're in luck. Davnie Seadorf is featured on our blog this week. Please check out her video below!


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